The night is dark and full of…crochet?

I have a habit of sleep talking, particularly when Zee comes to bed at 3am after gaming or watching TV.  Most of the time I vaguely remember the conversations, especially when he laughs about whatever weird shit I said the next day and reminds me about it.

Once in awhile however, I have full on, seemingly lucid conversations with people but am actually so deeply asleep I can’t remember it the next day.

Case in point:

Last night Zee comes to bed and I pop up to ask him to snuggle.  At which point I begin giving him head scratches and cuddles.  He thinks I’m awake until the moment I say “Zee, you did a good crochet.”  Confused (since he has never crocheted anything), he asks what I am talking about.  “Oh,” I reply, “Someone else must have done a good crochet.” Then I roll over and immediately go back to sleep.

I regretted this decision about 30 sec later when the snow started melting into my jeans.

Enjoy the snow Chicago!  It’s the first truly deep snow (12in+) since moving up here so I had to make a snow angel.  Tomorrow I will layer up and trek to work in subzero temps. Hat tip to Zee for gif-ing the moment.

snow angel